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During 2020 we have established the Swedish subsidiary Vince AB. With our growing base of Swedish M3 clients we think this is an important step to ensure future customer satisfaction.

Our solutions are easy to implement, generic in terms of industry and very cost effective. Even so, we must be able to provide proper advice to maximize the benefits. This type of service is not about large and lengthy projects, instead we must deliver high-end consultancy in a timely fashion.

Naturally our own Smart Applications (80+ subscribing M3 customers) are in the forefront of our daily work. However, the skill required to help finding the best solution, or cracking challenging problems, is typically strongly related to Infor M3. For this reason we have gathered a very skilled set of M3-professionals when building the foundation of Vince AB.

Who we are

Mikael Malmberg

Product Manager

Mikael has been with Vince for a number of years already. Prior work at Infor M3 Product Development has gained him solid experience of software development hence Mikael is our Product Manager for VXL - our most popular application.

Mikael also worked for Höganäs AB with international roll-outs of M3. His knowledge of M3 is very deep, functionality wise but also technically in matters of integration.


Janne Kinghed

Technical Guru

Janne is our technical guru at Vince!

With a solid background as system developer and many years of high end integration work, what he doesn’t know about M3 integration is simply not worth knowing..

Jannes primary focus is our technical road map outlining the future of our applications. Recent years he has spent primarily on our new technical platform, Vince Live.


Gunnar Bengtson

M3 Solution Architect

Gunnar joined Vince in October 2020. After 25 years of international M3 work he has an unmatched experience as M3 solution architect. His background naturally includes M3 consultancy dating from 1995 and his M3 profile is very wide with some extra depth in the sales process of M3.

After recently living 15 years in Italy Gunnar is a true European. During parts of this period he was an employee of M3 customers Trelleborg Wheel Systems and Vitec Group Imaging. Due to this experience, Gunnar will have an extra eye on security issues in M3 working with VSE.


Martin Hilmersson

Managing Director of Vince AB

Martin has been onboard with Vince since January 2020 and he is the Managing Director of Vince AB.

Like Gunnar, he has 25 years of M3 experience – in fact they started working for Intentia the same day! Martins history around M3 includes various roles within consultancy, management and sales.

Throughout the years he has always nurtured the M3 knowledge and work besides from sales, also as senior business consultant.

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